We are the Walkers. It’s me (Breanna) my husband Ben, and our daughter Charlotte. We live in Colorado and we love it! I was born in Utah and moved around some before my family settled in Colorado. Ben has pretty much lived in Colorado his whole life. Ben and I met on a blind date. Yep, that’s right. It was actually my first blind date- if I am remembering right, and my last (hey-o). What I love about our story though is that while we had friends that set us up, they didn’t think we would hit it off. I was leaving for school (BYU-I, more on that later) and I had just been dumped by a previous boyfriend. I had zero intentions of getting into a new relationship with anyone. I was talking with my friend and she was going on a date with her boyfriend that same night. We had wanted to hang out some before I left for school so she included me in her plans and promised I wouldn’t be a third wheel. She also reassured me “Don’t worry, you won’t like him. He’s not your type” Famous. Last. Words.
We had a great time. And while Ben was quiet, he was incredibly sweet. He was a wonderful gentleman and so funny. That night went by way too fast. At the end of the night, he asked me for my number. We basically never stopped talking from that moment on. We lived in different towns, about 40 minutes apart. He would drive all the way down just to bring flowers and visit with me on my thirty minute lunch break at Target. He insisted on picking me up for every date (or maybe that was my dad that insisted?) even when he was picking me up at my house to drive 40 minutes to his house so that we could watch a quick movie and drive back- always sure to get me home by curfew. I loved the long car rides though. We talked and listened to music and I just got to see him in his element. He was unlike anyone I had ever met. Watching him interact with his mom was one of my favorite things. He loved helping her in the kitchen or in the garden. I heard someone say that if you want to know how your significant other is going to treat you in twenty years, watch how he treats his mom. That never gave me any comfort until I met Ben.
Well I did leave for school a few short months after meeting Ben. We did the long distance thing (Cheesy care packages and daily/nightly phone calls- the works) and when I came home for Thanksgiving break two months later he proposed. I begrudgingly returned to school and hated every minute of it. My dad called me a few weeks later saying “so how much do you miss Ben?” He had arranged for me to come home early and I regret nothing! We were married in April, just 8(ish) months after we had met.

Something I love about our story is that it was unlikely. We were very different people in our teen years and I don’t know if I would have given Ben the time of day if we had met just months before we did. (We actually did run into each other a couple times before we “met” and I hadn’t even realized it until we were married. God had a plan) Today, we have been married for so long I sometimes feel like we have morphed into the same person, but we still have our individual differences that complement each other in this “unlikely pairing” for example, Ben loves grilling, smoking, anything involving making meat taste delicious. I love baking and cake decorating. Together, we are Cupcakes and Cube steaks! (cue captain planet intro music)
We hope you check back in to see what we are cooking up in the kitchen, outside, or in our family.
Thanks for reading!

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